The Egoist, by George Meredith

Table of Contents

  1. A Minor Incident Showing an Hereditary Aptitude in the Use of the Knife
  2. The Young Sir Willoughby
  3. Constantia Durham
  4. Laetitia Dale
  5. Clara Middleton
  6. His Courtship
  7. The Betrothed
  8. A Run with the Truant; a Walk with the Master
  9. Clara and Laetitia Meet: They are Compared
  10. In which Sir Willoughby Chances to Supply the Title for Himself
  11. The Double-Blossom Wild Cherry-Tree
  12. Miss Middleton and Mr. Vernon Whitford
  13. The First Effort After Freedom
  14. Sir Willoughby and Laetitia
  15. The Petition for a Release
  16. Clara and Laetitia
  17. The Porcelain Vase
  18. Colonel De Craye
  19. Colonel De Craye and Clara Middleton
  20. An Aged and a Great Wine
  21. Clara’s Meditations
  22. The Ride
  23. Treats of the Union of Temper and Policy
  24. Contains an Instance of the Generosity of Willoughby
  25. The Flight in Wild Weather
  26. Vernon in Pursuit
  27. At the Railway Station
  28. The Return
  29. In which the Sensitiveness of Sir Willoughby is Explained: And he Receives Much Instruction
  30. Treating of the Dinner-Party at Mrs. Mountstuart Jenkinson’s
  31. Sir Willoughby Attempts and Achieves Pathos
  32. Laetitia Dale Discovers a Spiritual Change and Dr Middleton a Physical
  33. In which the Comic Muse has an Eye on Two Good Souls
  34. Mrs. Mountstuart and Sir Willoughby
  35. Miss Middleton and Mrs. Mountstuart
  36. Animated Conversation at a Luncheon-Table
  37. Contains Clever Fencing and Intimations of the Need for it
  38. In which We Take a Step to the Centre of Egoism
  39. In the Heart of the Egoist
  40. Midnight: Sir Willoughby and Laetitia: With Young Crossjay Under a Coverlet
  41. The Rev. Dr. Middleton, Clara, and Sir Willoughby
  42. Shows the Divining Arts of a Perceptive Mind
  43. In which Sir Willoughby is Led to Think that the Elements have Conspired Against Him
  44. Dr Middleton: The Ladies Eleanor and Isabel: And Mr. Dale
  45. The Patterne Ladies: Mr. Dale: Lady Busshe and Lady Culmer: With Mrs. Mountstuart Jenkinson
  46. The Scene of Sir Willoughby’s Generalship
  47. Sir Willoughby and His Friend Horace De Craye
  48. The Lovers
  49. Laetitia and Sir Willoughby
  50. Upon which the Curtain Falls

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