Diana of the Crossways, by Meredith, George, 1828-1909

Table of Contents

  1. Of Diaries and Diarists Touching the Heroine
  2. An Irish Ball.
  3. The Interior of Mr. Redworth, and the Exterior of Mr. Sullivan Smith
  4. Containing Hints of Diana’s Experiences and of what They Led to
  5. Concerning the Scrupulous Gentleman who Came Too Late
  6. The Couple
  7. The Crisis
  8. In which is Exhibited How a Practical Man and a Divining Woman Learn to Respect One Another
  9. Shows How a Position of Delicacy for a Lady and Gentleman was Met in Simple Fashion Without Hurt to Either
  10. The Conflict of the Night
  11. Recounts the Journey in a Chariot, with a Certain Amount of Dialogue, and a Small Incident on the Road
  12. Between Emma and Diana
  13. Touching the First Days of Her Probation
  14. Giving Glimpses of Diana Under Her Cloud Before the World and of Her Further Apprenticeship
  15. Introduces the Hon. Percy Dacier
  16. Treats of a Midnight Bell, and of a Scene of Early Morning
  17. ‘The Princess Egeria’
  18. The Authoress
  19. A Drive in Sunlight and a Drive in Moonlight
  20. Diana a Night-Watch in the Chamber of Death
  21. ‘The Young Minister of State’
  22. Between Diana and Dacier: The Wind East Over Bleak Land
  23. Records a Visit to Diana from One of the World’s Good Women
  24. Indicates a Soul Prepared for Desperation
  25. Once More the Crossways and a Change of Turnings
  26. In which a Disappointed Lover Receives a Multitude of Lessons
  27. Contains Matter for Subsequent Explosion
  28. Dialogue Round the Subject of a Portrait, with Some Indications of the Task for Diana
  29. Shows the Approaches of the Political and the Domestic Crisis in Company
  30. In which There is a Taste of a Little Dinner and an Aftertaste
  31. A Chapter Containing Great Political News and Therewith an Intrusion of the Love-God
  32. Wherein We Behold a Giddy Turn at the Spectral Crossways
  33. Exhibits the Springing of a Mine in a Newspaper Article
  34. In which it is Darkly Seen How the Criminal’s Judge May Be Love’s Criminal.
  35. Reveals How the True Heroine of Romance Comes Finally to Her, Time of Triumph
  36. Is Conclusive as to the Heartlessness of Women with Brains
  37. An Exhibition of Some Champions of the Stricken Lady
  38. Convalescence of a Healthy Mind Distraught
  39. Of Nature with One of Her Cultivated Daughters and a Short Excursion in Anti-Climax.
  40. In which We See Nature Making of a Woman a Maid Again, and a Thrice Whimsical.
  41. Contains a Revelation of the Origin of the Tigress in Diana
  42. The Penultimate: Showing a Final Struggle for Liberty and Run into Harness
  43. Nuptial Chapter; and of How a Barely Willing Woman was Led to Bloom with the Nuptial Sentiment


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