Mardi ; and, A Voyage Thither, by Herman Melville

Table of Contents



  1. Foot In Stirrup
  2. A Calm
  3. A King For A Comrade
  4. A Chat In The Clouds
  5. Seats Secured And Portmanteaus Packed
  6. Eight Bells
  7. A Pause
  8. They Push Off, Velis Et Remis
  9. The Watery World Is All Before Them
  10. They Arrange Their Canopies And Lounges, And Try To Make Things Comfortable
  11. Jarl Afflicted With The Lockjaw
  12. More About Being In An Open Boat
  13. Of The Chondropterygii, And Other Uncouth Hordes Infesting The South Seas
  14. Jarl’s Misgivings
  15. A Stitch In Time Saves Nine
  16. They Are Becalmed
  17. In High Spirits, They Push On For The Terra Incognita
  18. My Lord Shark And His Pages
  19. Who Goes There?
  20. Noises And Portents
  21. Man Ho!
  22. What Befel The Brigantine At The Pearl Shell Islands
  23. Sailing From The Island They Pillage The Cabin
  24. Dedicated To The College Of Physicians And Surgeons
  25. Peril A Peace–Maker
  26. Containing A Pennyweight Of Philosophy
  27. In Which The Past History Op The Parki Is Concluded
  28. Suspicions Laid, And Something About The Calmuc
  29. What They Lighted Upon In Further Searching The Craft, And The Resolution They Came To
  30. Hints For A Full Length Of Samoa
  31. Rovings Alow And Aloft
  32. Xiphius Platypterus
  33. Otard
  34. How They Steered On Their Way
  35. Ah, Annatoo!
  36. The Parki Gives Up The Ghost
  37. Once More They Take To The Chamois
  38. The Sea On Fire
  39. They Fall In With Strangers
  40. Sire And Sons
  41. A Fray
  42. Remorse
  43. The Tent Entered
  44. Away
  45. Reminiscences
  46. The Chamois With A Roving Commission
  47. Yillah, Jarl, And Samoa
  48. Something Under The Surface
  49. Yillah
  50. Yillah In Ardair
  51. The Dream Begins To Fade
  52. World Ho!
  53. The Chamois Ashore
  54. A Gentleman From The Sun
  55. Tiffin In A Temple
  56. King Media A Host
  57. Taji Takes Counsel With Himself
  58. Mardi By Night And Yillah By Day
  59. Their Morning Meal
  60. Belshazzar On The Bench
  61. An Incognito
  62. Taji Retires From The World
  63. Odo And Its Lord
  64. Yillah A Phantom
  65. Taji Makes Three Acquaintances
  66. With A Fair Wind, At Sunrise They Sail
  67. Little King Peepi
  68. How Teeth Were Regarded In Valapee
  69. The Company Discourse, And Braid–Beard Rehearses A Legend
  70. The Minstrel Leads Off With A Paddle–Song; And A Message Is Received From Abroad
  71. They Land Upon The Island Of Juam
  72. A Book From The Chronicles Of Mohi
  73. Something More Of The Prince
  74. Advancing Deeper Into The Vale, They Encounter Donjalolo
  75. Time And Temples
  76. A Pleasant Place For A Lounge
  77. The House Of The Afternoon
  78. Babbalanja Solus
  79. The Center Of Many Circumferences
  80. Donjalolo In The Bosom Of His Family
  81. Wherein Babbalanja Relates The Adventure Of One Karkeke In The Land Of Shades
  82. How Donjalolo, Sent Agents To The Surrounding Isles; With The Result
  83. They Visit The Tributary Islets
  84. Taji Sits Down To Dinner With Five–And-Twenty Kings, And A Royal Time They Have
  85. After Dinner
  86. Of Those Scamps The Plujii
  87. Nora–Bamma
  88. In A Calm, Hautia’s Heralds Approach
  89. Braid–Beard Rehearses The Origin Of The Isle Of Rogues
  90. Rare Sport At Ohonoo
  91. Of King Uhia And His Subjects
  92. The God Keevi And The Precipice Op Mondo
  93. Babbalanja Steps In Between Mohi And Yoomy; And Yoomy Relates A Legend
  94. Of That Jolly Old Lord, Borabolla; And That Jolly Island Of His, Mondoldo; And Of The Fish–Ponds, And The Hereafters Of Fish
  95. That Jolly Old Lord Borabolla Laughs On Both Sides Of His Face
  96. Samoa A Surgeon
  97. Faith And Knowledge
  98. The Tale Of A Traveler
  99. “Marnee Ora, Ora Marnee”
  100. The Pursuer Himself Is Pursued
  101. The Iris
  102. They Depart From Mondoldo
  103. As They Sail
  104. Wherein Babbalanja Broaches A Diabolical Theory, And, In His Own Person, Proves It


  1. Maramma
  2. They Land
  3. They Pass Through The Woods
  4. Hivohitee Mdcccxlviii
  5. They Visit The Great Morai
  6. They Discourse Of The Gods Of Mardi, And Braid–Beard Tells Of One Foni
  7. They Visit The Lake Of Yammo
  8. They Meet The Pilgrims At The Temple Of Oro
  9. They Discourse Of Alma
  10. Kohl Tells Of One Ravoo, And They Land To Visit Revaneva, A Flourishing Artisan
  11. A Nursery–Tale Of Babbalanja’s
  12. Landing To Visit Hivohitee The Pontiff, They Encounter An Extraordinary Old Hermit; With Whom Yoomy Has A Confidential Interview, But Learns Little
  13. Babbalanja Endeavors To Explain The Mystery
  14. Taji Receives Tidings And Omens
  15. Dreams
  16. Media And Babbalanja Discourse
  17. They Regale Themselves With Their Pipes
  18. They Visit An Extraordinary Old Antiquary
  19. They Go Down Into The Catacombs
  20. Babbalanja Quotes From An Antique Pagan; And Earnestly Presses It Upon The Company, That What He Recites Is Not His, But Another’s
  21. They Visit A Wealthy Old Pauper
  22. Yoomy Sings Some Odd Verses, And Babbalanja Quotes From The Old Authors Right And Left
  23. What Manner Of Men The Tapparians Were
  24. Their Adventures Upon Landing At Pimminee
  25. A, I, and O
  26. A Reception Day At Pimminee
  27. Babbalanja Falleth Upon Pimminee Tooth And Nail
  28. Babbalanja Regales The Company With Some Sandwiches
  29. They Still Remain Upon The Rock
  30. Behind And Before
  31. Babbalanja Discourses In The Dark
  32. My Lord Media Summons Mohi To The Stand
  33. Wherein Babbalanja And Yoomy Embrace
  34. Of The Isle Of Diranda
  35. They Visit The Lords Piko And Hello
  36. They Attend The Games
  37. Taji Still Hunted, And Beckoned
  38. They Embark From Diranda
  39. Wherein Babbalanja Discourses Of Himself
  40. Of The Sorcerers In The Isle Of Minda
  41. Chiefly Of Sing Bello
  42. Dominora And Vivenza
  43. They Land At Dominora
  44. Through Dominora, They Wander After Yillah
  45. They Behold King Bello’s State Canoe
  46. Wherein Babbalanja Bows Thrice
  47. Babbalanja Philosophizes, And My Lord Media Passes Round The Calabashes
  48. They Sail Round An Island Without Landing; And Talk Round A Subject Without Getting At It
  49. They Draw Nigh To Porpheero; Where They Behold A Terrific Eruption
  50. Wherein King Media Celebrates The Glories Of Autumn, The Minstrel, The Promise Of Spring
  51. In Which Azzageddi Seems To Use Babbalanja For A Mouth–Piece
  52. The Charming Yoomy Sings
  53. They Draw Nigh Unto Land
  54. They Visit The Great Central Temple Of Vivenza
  55. Wherein Babbalanja Comments Upon The Speech Of Alanno
  56. A Scene In Tee Land Of Warwicks, Or King–Makers
  57. They Hearken Unto A Voice From The Gods
  58. They Visit The Extreme South Of Vivenza
  59. They Converse Of The Mollusca, Kings, Toad–Stools And Other Matters
  60. Wherein, That Gallant Gentleman And Demi–God, King Media, Scepter In Hand, Throws Himself Into The Breach
  61. They Round The Stormy Cape Of Capes
  62. They Encounter Gold–Hunters
  63. They Seek Through The Isles Of Palms; And Pass The Isles Of Myrrh
  64. Concentric, Inward, With Mardi’s Reef, They Leave Their Wake Around The World
  65. Sailing On
  66. A Flight Of Nightingales From Yoomy’s Mouth
  67. They Visit One Doxodox
  68. King Media Dreams
  69. After A Long Interval, By Night They Are Becalmed
  70. They Land At Hooloomooloo
  71. A Book From The “Ponderings Of Old Bardianna”
  72. Babbalanja Starts To His Feet
  73. At Last, The Last Mention Is Made Of Old Bardianna; And His Last Will And Testament Is Recited At Length
  74. A Death–Cloud Sweeps By Them, As They Sail
  75. They Visit The Palmy King Abrazza
  76. Some Pleasant, Shady Talk In The Groves, Between My Lords Abrazza And Media, Babbalanja, Mohi, And Yoomy
  77. They Sup
  78. They Embark
  79. Babbalanja At The Full Of The Moon
  80. Morning
  81. L’ultima Sera
  82. They Sail From Night To Day
  83. They Land
  84. Babbalanja Relates To Them A Vision
  85. They Depart From Serenia
  86. They Meet The Phantoms
  87. They Draw Nigh To Flozella
  88. They Land
  89. They Enter The Bower Of Hautia
  90. Taji With Hautia
  91. Mardi Behind: An Ocean Before

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