Poems, by Andrew Marvell

Farther Instructions to a Painter.


Painter, once more thy pencil reassume,

And draw me, in one scene, London and Rome:

Here holy Charles, there good Aurelius sat,

Weeping to see their sons degenerate;

His Romans taking up the teemer’s trade, 5

The Britons jigging it in masquerade;

Whilst the brave youths, tir’d with the toil of State,

Their wearied minds and limbs to recreate,

Do to their more belov’d delights repair.

One to his —— — the other to his player. 10

Then change the scene, and let the next present

A landscape of our motly Parliament;

And place, hard by the bar, on the left hand,

Circean Clifford with his charming wand;

Our pig-eyed ——— on his fashion —— — 15

Set by the worst attorny of our nation:

This great triumvirate that can divide

The spoils of England; and along that side

Place Falstaff’s regiment of thredbare coats,

All looking this way, how to give their votes; 20

And of his dear reward let none despair,

For mony comes when Sey[mou]r leaves the chair.

Change once again, and let the next afford

The figure of a motly council-board

At Arlington’s, and round about it sat 25

Our mighty masters in a warm debate.

Full bowls of lusty wine make them repeat,

To make them t’other council-board forget

That while the King of France with powerful arms,

Gives all his fearful neighbours strange alarms, 30

We in our glorious bacchanals dispose

The humbled fate of a plebean nose;

Which to effect, when thus it was decreed,

Draw me a champion mounted on a steed;

And after him a brave brigade of horse, 35

Arm’d at all points, ready to reenforce

His; this assault upon a single man.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

’Tis this must make O’Bryon great in story.

And add more beams to Sandys’ former glory.

Draw our Olympia next, in council sate 40

With Cupid, S[eymou]r, and the tool of State:

Two of the first recanters of the house,

That aim at mountains, and bring forth a mouse;

Who make it, by their mean retreat, appear

Five members need not be demanded here. 45

These must assist her in her countermines,

To overthrow the Derby-House designs;

Whilst Positive walks, like woodcock in the park.

Contriving projects with a brewer’s dark.

Thus all employ themselves, and, without pity, 50

Leave Temple singly to be beat i’ the city.


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