Poems, by Andrew Marvell

In Eunuchum Poetam

Nec sterilem te crede; licet, mulieribus exul,

Falcem virginiae nequeas immittere messi,

Et nostro peccare modo. Tibi Fama perennè

Proegnabit; rapiesque novem de monte Sorores;

Et pariet modulos Echo repetita Nepotes.

Translation by A. B. Grosart.

Upon an Eunuch; a Poet

Deem not that thou art barren, though, forlorn,

Thou plunge no sickle in the virgin corn,

And, mateless, hast no part in our sweet curse.

Fame shall be ever pregnant by thy verse;

The vocal Sisters nine thou shalt embrace,

And Echo nurse thy words, a tuneful race.


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