Poems, by Andrew Marvell

In eandem Reginae Sueciae transmissam


Bellipotens Virgo, septem Regina Trionum.

Christina, Arctoi lucida stella Poli;

Cernis quas merui dura sub Casside Rugas;

Sicque Senex Armis impiger Ora fero;

Invia Factorum dum per Vestigia nitor,

Exequor & Populi fortia Jussa Manu.

At tibi submittit frontem reverentior Umbra,

Nec sunt hi Vultus Regibus usque truces.

In April, 1654, Cromwell concluded a treaty with Sweden, and sent to Queen Christina a portrait of himself, accompanied by these verses of Marvell’s . Queen Christina abdicated the throne on the 16th of the following June, when she was only twenty-eight years of age. These lines have often been printed as Milton’s, but Masson (Poetical Works of John Milton, 1874, II. 343-352) gives full reasons for thinking they are Marvell’s . They follow naturally after the lines to Dr. Ingelo.

Translation by A. B. Grosart.

On the same being sent to the Queen of Sweden

O virgin Queen of the North, expert in war,

Christina, th’ Arctic heaven’s fair-shining star,

See the hard helmet’s furrows on my brow —

Though old, not sluggard, yet in arms I go.

Whilst in Fate’s pathless toils I struggle still,

And work the mandates of the people’s will,

To you this shade its reverent forehead bends,

My looks not always stern to royal friends.


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