The Fable of the Bees or Private Vices, Publick Benefits, by Bernard Mandeville

Corrigenda in Volume ii


24, in n. 2, for contra alla read contro alla

296, in n. 1, for n. 30 read note to line 30

407, in n. 2, for Gregory Smith read D. Nichol Smith

426, under Journal Historique the reference should read ii. 442–3

456, under Anticipations (Economics) delete i. 1081under Simon Clement and add Spectator, the, i. 3571; under (Psychology) delete lxiii under Bayle and add Coeffeteau, N., i. 135 n.

458, under Bayle, for xlii2read xliii2

460, under Citations (Dryden) add ii. 361

463, under Fontenelle delete cvi3

466, under Johnson, indebtedness to Mandeville, delete xxii

469, in the second column (printers and publishers) delete xi

471, for second entry read Memorie per servire all’ Istoria Letteraria

472, under Parallels (Free Thoughts), for ii. 2331read i. 2331

473, fourth entry, for Piegnot read Peignot

474, under References delete Bion, ii. 412

475, for Kreiberg read Kreibig; for Novella della Republica della Lettere read Novelle della Republica delle Lettere

479, under Tea-Table, for 404 read 420

To face p. 455

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