Dreads and Drolls, by Arthur Machen

Table of Contents


The Man With The Silver Staff

The Adventure Of The Long–Lost Brother

7B Coney Court

The Strange Case Of Emily Weston

The Highbury Mystery

The Little People

Madame Rachel

Sir Benjamin The “Baron”

The Campden Wonder

The Man From Nowhere

Morduck The Witch


“Doubles” In Crime

How Clubs Began

Polite Correspondance

Casanova In London

Mr. Lutterloh

Before Wembley

The Ingenious Mr. Blee

The Gay Victorians


How The Rich Live

A Lament For London’s Lost Inns

More Inns

Deadly Nevergreen

Ceremony On The Scaffold

Old Dr. Mounsey

The Euston Square Mystery

The Power Of Jargon


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