Dog and Duck, by Arthur Machen

Table of Contents

Dog and Duck

The Trollers’ Catch.

Why New Year?

On Valentines and Other Things

On Simnel Cakes

‘April Fool!’

The Merry Month of May

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

July Sport; with Some Remarks on Young Mr. Blueface

‘A Thorough Change’

Roast Goose; with a Dissertation on Apple Sauce and Sage and Onions

Where are the Fogs of Yesteryears?


Christmas Mumming

A Talk for Twelfth Night

Some February Stars

March and a Moral

St. George and the Dragon

The Poor Victorians

Stuff — And Science

On Holidays

Six Dozen of Port

The Custom of the Manor

The Vice of Collecting


How to Spend Christmas

Adelphi: Farewell!

The Art of Unbelief


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