Of the Nature of Things, by Titus Lucretius Carus

Table of Contents

Book I

  1. Proem
  2. Substance is Eternal
  3. The Void
  4. Nothing Exists Per Se Except Atoms and the Void
  5. Character of the Atoms
  6. Confutation of Other Philosophers
  7. The Infinity of the Universe

Book II

  1. Proem
  2. Atomic Motions
  3. Atomic Forms and Their Combinations
  4. Absence of Secondary Qualities
  5. Infinite Worlds

Book III

  1. Proem
  2. Nature and Composition of the Mind
  3. The Soul is Mortal
  4. Folly of the Fear of Death

Book IV

  1. Proem
  2. Existence and Character of the Images
  3. The Senses and Mental Pictures
  4. Some Vital Functions
  5. The Passion of Love

Book V

  1. Proem
  2. Argument of the Book and New Proem Against a Teleological Concept
  3. The World is Not Eternal
  4. Formation of the World and Astronomical Questions
  5. Origins of Vegetable and Animal Life
  6. Origins and Savage Period of Mankind
  7. Beginnings of Civilization

Book VI

  1. Proem
  2. Great Meteorological Phenomena, Etc.
  3. Extraordinary and Paradoxical Telluric Phenomena
  4. The Plague Athens


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