The People of the Abyss, by Jack London

Table of Contents

  1. The Descent
  2. Johnny Upright
  3. My Lodging and Some Others
  4. A Man and the Abyss
  5. Those on the Edge
  6. Frying-Pan Alley and a Glimpse of Inferno
  7. A Winner of the Victoria Cross
  8. The Carter and the Carpenter
  9. The Spike
  10. Carrying the Banner
  11. The Peg
  12. Coronation Day
  13. Dan Cullen, Docker
  14. Hops and Hoppers
  15. The Sea Wife
  16. Property Versus Person
  17. Inefficiency
  18. Wages
  19. The Ghetto
  20. Coffee-Houses and Doss-Houses
  21. The Precariousness of Life
  22. Suicide
  23. The Children
  24. A Vision of the Night
  25. The Hunger Wail
  26. Drink, Temperance, and Thrift
  27. The Management

The People of the Abyss

The chief priests and rulers cry:—

“O Lord and Master, not ours the guilt,

We build but as our fathers built;

Behold thine images how they stand

Sovereign and sole through all our land.

“Our task is hard — with sword and flame,

To hold thine earth forever the same,

And with sharp crooks of steel to keep,

Still as thou leftest them, thy sheep.”

Then Christ sought out an artisan,

A low-browed, stunted, haggard man,

And a motherless girl whose fingers thin

Crushed from her faintly want and sin.

These set he in the midst of them,

And as they drew back their garment hem

For fear of defilement, “Lo, here,” said he,

“The images ye have made of me.”

James Russell Lowell.

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