The Iron Heel, by Jack London

Table of Contents

  1. My Eagle
  2. Challenges.
  3. Jackson’s Arm.
  4. Slaves of the Machine
  5. The Philomaths
  6. Adumbrations
  7. The Bishop’s Vision
  8. The Machine Breakers
  9. The Mathematics of a Dream
  10. The Vortex
  11. The Great Adventure
  12. The Bishop
  13. The General Strike
  14. The Beginning of the End
  15. Last Days
  16. The End
  17. The Scarlet Livery
  18. In the Shadow of Sonoma
  19. Transformation
  20. A Lost Oligarch
  21. The Roaring Abysmal Beast
  22. The Chicago Commune
  23. The People of the Abyss
  24. Nightmare
  25. The Terrorists

“At first, this Earth, a stage so gloomed with woe

  You almost sicken at the shifting of the scenes.

And yet be patient. Our Playwright may show

  In some fifth act what this Wild Drama means.”

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