Our Mr. Wrenn, by Sinclair Lewis

Table of Contents

  1. Mr. Wrenn is Lonely
  2. He Walks with Miss Theresa
  3. He Starts for the Land of Elsewhere
  4. He Becomes the Great Little Bill Wrenn
  5. He Finds Much Quaint English Flavor
  6. He is an Orphan
  7. He Meets a Temperament
  8. He Tiffins
  9. He Encounters the Intellectuals
  10. He Goes a-Gipsying
  11. He Buys an Orange Tie
  12. He Discovers America
  13. He is “Our Mr. Wrenn”
  14. He Enters Society
  15. He Studies Five Hundred, Savouir Faire, And Lotsa-Snap Office Mottoes
  16. He Becomes Mildly Religious and Highly Literary
  17. He is Blown by the Whirlwind
  18. And Follows a Wandering Flame Through Perilous Seas
  19. To a Happy Shore


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