Journal of an overland expedition in Australia,, by Ludwig Leichhardt

Table of Contents



Origin of the ExpeditionParty FormedLeave Sydney for BrisbaneParty EnlargedOutfit and Stores.


  1. Leave the Last StationFossil RemainsDarling DownsEnter the WildernessWaterloo PlainsThe CondamineHeavy RainsCharley’s MisconductMurphy and Caleb LostKent’s LagoonCoalMurphy and Caleb Found Again.
  2. Party Reduced by the Return of Mr. Hodgson and CalebMeet Friendly NativesNative TombThe DawsonVervain PlainsGilbert’s RangeLynd’s RangeRobinson’s CreekMurphy’s LakeMountainous CountryExpedition RangeMount NicholsonAldis’s PeakThe Boyd.
  3. Ruined Castle CreekZamia CreekBigge’s MountainAllowance of Flour ReducedNatives Spear a HorseChristmas RangesBrown’s LagoonsThunderStormsAlbinia DownsComet CreekNative Camp.
  4. Swarms of CockatoosAllowance of Flour Further ReducedNative FamilyThe MackenzieCoalNatives Speaking A Different IdiomMount StewartBrown and Myself Miss the Way Back to the CampFind Our Party Again, on the Fourth DayNeuman’s CreekRoper’s PeakCalvert’s PeakGilbert’s DomeGreat Want of Water.
  5. Difference of Soil As to MoisturePhillips’s MountainAllowance of Flour Reduced AgainHughs’s CreekTombstone CreekCharley and Brown Become UnrulyThe IsaacsNative WomenCoxen’s Peak and RangeGeological CharacterCharley Rebels Again and LeavesBrown Follows HimBoth Return PenitentVariations of the WeatherSkull of NativeFriendly Natives Visit the Camp.
  6. Heads of the IsaacsThe SuttorFlintRockIndications of WaterDinner of the Natives Appropriated by US— Easter SundayAlarm of an Old WomanNatives Speaking a Language Entirely Unknown to Charley and BrownA Barter with ThemMount M’Connel.
  7. The BurdekinTransition From the Depository to the Primitive RocksThacker’s RangeWild FigsGeological RemarksThe ClarkeThe Perry.
  8. Brown and Charley QuarrelNight WatchRoutine of Our Daily Life, and Habits of the Members of the PartyMount LangStreams of LavaA Horse Breaks His Leg, is Killed and EatenNative TribeMr. Roper’s AccidentWhitsundayBig Ant Hill CreekDeprived of Water for Fifty HoursFriendly NativesSeparation CreekThe LyndPsychological Effects of a Sojourn in the WildernessNative CampSalt Exhausted.
  9. The Starry HeavensSubstitute for CoffeeSawfishTwoStoried Gunyas of the NativesThe MitchellMurphy’s Pony PoisonedGreen TreeAntNew BeverageCrocodileAudacity of KitesNatives Not FriendlyThe Camp Attacked at Night by ThemMessrs. Roper and Calvert Wounded, and Mr. Gilbert Killed.
  10. Indications of the Neighbourhood of the SeaNatives Much More NumerousThe Sea; the Gulf of CarpentariaThe StaatenA Native Intrudes Into the CampThe Van DiemenThe GilbertSingular Native HutsCaron RiverFriendly NativesThe YapparMr. Calvert RecoveredMode of EncampmentSwarms of FliesAbundance of SaltNatives Friendly, and More Intelligent.
  11. Systematic Grass Burnings of the NativesNative CarvingAudacity of the Natives OverawedThe Albert, or Maet SuykerNative Mode of Making Sure of a Dead EmuBullock Bogged; Obliged to Kill ItNative Device for Taking EmusBeames’s BrookThe NicholsonReconnoitre by NightSmith’s CreekThe Marlow.
  12. Heaps of OysterShellsFalse Alarm of a Native in the CampTurner’s CreekWentworth’s CreekJournals Lost; Found AgainThe Van AlphenImportance of TeaChoice of Bullocks for an ExpeditionChoice of a DogThe CalvertThe Abel TasmanGlucking Bird AgainDiscover a Mode of Using the Fruit of the PandanusSeven Emu RiverCrocodileThe RobinsonShoal Of PorpoisesNative Method of Preparing the Fruit of the Pandanus and Cycas for FoodMr. Roper ConvalescentWear and Tear of ClothesSucceed in Dressing the Seeds of SterculiaThe MacarthurFriendly Parley with Circumcised NativesStore of Tea ExhaustedMedical Property of the Grevillea Discovered.
  13. Cape MariaObliged to Leave a Portion of Our Collection of Natural HistoryLimmen Bight RiverHabits of Water BirdsNative Fish TrapThe Four ArchersThe WickhamThe Dog DiesImmense Number of Ducks and GeeseThe RoperThree Horses DrownedObliged to Leave a Portion of My Botanical CollectionMore Intercourse with Frienldy Natives, CircumcisedHodgson’s CreekThe WiltonAnother Horse DrownedAnxiety About Our CattleAn Attack on the Camp FrustratedBoilsBasalt AgainInjurious Effects of the Seeds of an Acacia.
  14. Interview with a NativeDistressing HeatA Horse Staked: It DiesMyriads of FlyingFoxesMagnificent ValleyFriendly NativesShot ExhaustedInstinct of BullocksSouth Alligator RiverFriendly Natives with an English Handkerchief, and Acquainted with FireArmsTheir LanguageMirage.
  15. Joy at Meeting Natives Speaking Some EnglishThey Are Very FriendlyAllamurrDiscernment of Native SincerityEast Alligator RiverClouds of Dust Mistaken for SmokeImpatience to Reach the End of the JourneyNatives Still More IntelligentNyuallBuffaloes; Source From Which They SprungNative Guides Engaged; But They Desert UsMount Morris BayRaffles BayLeave the Packhorse and Bullock BehindBill WhiteArrive at Port EssingtonVoyage to Sydney.


  1. Letter from the Colonial Secretary to Dr. Leichhardt.
  2. The Leichhardt Testimonial.

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