The Tenants of Malory, by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Table of Contents

Volume 1.

  1. Concerning Two Ladies who Sat in the Malory Pew.
  2. All that the Draper’s Wife Could Tell.
  3. Home to Ware.
  4. On the Green of Cardyllian.
  5. A Visit to Hazelden.
  6. Malory by Moonlight.
  7. A View from the Refectory Window.
  8. A Night Sail.
  9. The Reverend Isaac Dixie.
  10. Reading an Epitaph.
  11. Farewell.
  12. In which Cleve Verney Waylays an Old Lady.
  13. The Boy with the Cage.
  14. News About the Old Man of the Mountains.
  15. Within the Sanctuary.
  16. An Unlooked-For Visitor.
  17. They Visit the Chapel of Penruthyn Again.
  18. Cleve Again Before His Idol.
  19. Cleve Verney Takes a Bold Step.
  20. His Fate.
  21. Captain Shrapnell.
  22. Sir Booth Speaks.
  23. Margaret has Her Warning.
  24. Sir Booth in a Passion.
  25. In which the Ladies Peep into Cardyllian.

Volume 2.

  1. In the Oak Parlour — A Meeting and Parting.
  2. Judæus Apella.
  3. Mr. Levi Visits Mrs. Mervyn.
  4. Mr. Benjamin Levi Recognises an Acquaintance.
  5. A Council of Three.
  6. Mr. Dingwell Arrives.
  7. Mr. Dingwell Makes Himself Comfortable.
  8. The Lodger and His Landlady.
  9. In which Mr. Dingwell Puts His Hand to the Poker.
  10. Cleve Verney Sees the Chateau De Cresseron.
  11. She Comes and Speaks.
  12. Cleve Verney has a Visitor.
  13. The Rev. Isaac Dixie Sets Forth on a Mission.
  14. Over the Herring-Pond.
  15. Mr. Cleve Verney Pays a Visit to Rosemary Court.
  16. In Lord Verney’s Library.
  17. An Ovation.
  18. Old Friends on the Green.
  19. Vane Etherage Greets Lord Verney.
  20. Rebecca Mervyn Reads Her Letter.
  21. By Rail to London.
  22. Lady Dorminster’s Ball.

Volume 3.

  1. A Lark.
  2. A New Voice.
  3. Cleve Comes.
  4. Love’s Remorse
  5. Mrs. Mervyn’s Dream.
  6. Tom has a “Talk” With the Admiral.
  7. Arcadian Red Brick, Lilac, and Laburnum.
  8. The Triumvirate.
  9. In Verney House.
  10. A Thunder-Storm
  11. The Pale Horse.
  12. In which His Friends Visit the Sick.
  13. Mr. Dingwell Thinks of an Excursion.
  14. A Surprise.
  15. Clay Rectory by Moonlight.
  16. An Alarm.
  17. A New Light.
  18. Mr. Dingwell and Mrs. Mervyn Converse.
  19. The Greek Merchant Sees Lord Verney.
  20. A Break-Down.
  21. Mr. Larkin’s Two Moves.
  22. Conclusion.

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