The Captain’s Doll, by D. H. Lawrence

Chapter 18

Pondering, rather thrilled, they threaded their way through the desert of rock and rushing water back to the hotel. The sun was shining warmly for a moment, and he felt happy, though his finger-ends were bleeding a little from the ice.

‘But one day,’ said Hannele, ‘I should love to go with a guide right up, high, right into the glacier.’

‘No,’ said he. ‘I’ve been far enough. I prefer the world where cabbages will grow on the soil. Nothing grows on glaciers.’

‘They say there are glacier fleas, which only live on glaciers,’ she said.

‘Well, to me the ice didn’t look good to eat, even for a flea.’

‘You never know,’ she laughed. ‘But you’re glad you’ve been, aren’t you?’

‘Very glad. Now I need never go again.’

‘But you DID think it wonderful?’

‘Marvellous. And awful, to my mind.’

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