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Elements of Chemistry, by Antoine Lavoisier

Table of the Combinations of Sebacic Acid, with the Salifiable Bases, in the Order of Affinity.

Bases. Neutral Salts.
Barytes   Sebat of barytes.
Potash     potash.
Soda     soda.
Lime     lime.
Magnesia     magnesia.
Ammoniac     ammoniac.
Argill     argill.
Oxyd of
zinc   zinc.
manganese   manganese.
iron   iron.
lead   lead.
tin   tin.
cobalt   cobalt.
copper   copper.
nickel   nickel.
arsenic   arsenic.
bismuth   bismuth.
mercury   mercury.
antimony   antimony.
silver   silver.

Note.—All these were unknown to the ancient chemists.—A.


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