Elements of Chemistry, by Antoine Lavoisier

No. V. Additional.

Rules for converting French Weights and Measures into correspondent English Denominations62.

§ 1. Weights.

The Paris pound, poids de mark of Charlemagne, contains 9216 Paris grains; it is divided into 16 ounces, each ounce into 8 gros, and each gros into 72 grains. It is equal to 7561 English Troy grains.

The English Troy pound of 12 ounces contains 5760 English Troy grains, and is equal to 7021 Paris grains.

The English averdupois pound of 16 ounces contains 7000 English Troy grains, and is equal to 8538 Paris grains.

To reduce Paris grs. to English Troy grs. divide by 1.2189
To reduce English Troy grs. to Paris grs. multiply by
To reduce Paris ounces to English Troy, divide by 1.015734
To reduce English Troy ounces to Paris, multiply by

Or the conversion may be made by means of the following Tables.

I. To reduce French to English Troy Weight.
The Paris pound = 7561 English Troy Grains.
The ounce = 472.5625
The gros = 59.0703
The grain = .8194
II. To Reduce English Troy to Paris Weight.
The English Troy pound of 12 ounces = 7021. Paris grains.
The Troy ounce = 585.0830
The dram of 60 grs. = 73.1353
The penny weight, or denier, of 24 grs. = 29.2540
The scruple, of 20 grs. = 24.3784
III. To Reduce English Averdupois to Paris Weight.
The averdupois pound of 16 ounces, or 7000 Troy grains. = 8538. Paris grains.
The ounce = 533.6250

§ 2. Long and Cubical Measures.

To reduce Paris feet or inches into English, multiply by 1.065977
English feet or inches into Paris, divide by
To reduce Paris cubic feet or inches to English, multiply by 1.211278
English cubic feet or inches to Paris, divide by

Or by means of the following tables:

IV. To Reduce Paris Long Measure to English.
The Paris royal foot of 12 inches = 12.7977 English inches.
The inch = 1.0659
The line, or 1/12 of an inch = .0888
The 1/12 of a line = .0074
V. To Reduce English Long Measure to French.
The English foot = 11.2596 Paris inches.
The inch = .9383
The 1/8 of an inch = .1173
The 1/10 = .0938
The line, or 1/12 = .0782
VI. To Reduce French Cube Measure to English.
The Paris cube foot = 1.211278 English cubical feet, or 2093.088384 inches.
The cubic inch = .000700 1.211278
VII. To Reduce English Cube Measure to French.
The English cube foot, or 1728 cubical inches = 1427.4864 French cubical inches.
The cubical inch = .8260
The cube tenth = .0008

§ 3. Measure of Capacity.

The Paris pint contains 58.14563 English cubical inches, and the English wine pint contains 28.85 cubical inches; or, the Paris pint contains 2.01508 English pints, and the English pint contains .49617 Paris pints; hence,

To reduce the Paris pint to the English, multiply by 2.01508.
To reduce the English pint to the Paris, divide by

62 For the materials of this Article the Translator is indebted to Professor Robertson.

63 It is said, Belidor Archit. Hydrog. to contain 31 oz. 64 grs. of water, which makes it 58.075 English inches; but, as there is considerable uncertainty in the determinations of the weight of the French cubical measure of water, owing to the uncertainty of the standards made use of, it is better to abide by Mr Everard's measure, which was with the Exchequer standards, and by the proportions of the English and French foot, as established by the French Academy and Royal Society.


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