The Red Romance Book, by Andrew Lang


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  1. How Gunnar met Hallgerda
  2. The Werwolf carries Prince William away
  3. The Lady of Solace
  4. At the sight of the Lion she flung down the pitcher
  5. The End of the Dragon
  6. Softly she rose to her feet and stole out of the wood
  7. Aphrodite finds Psyche’s Task accomplished
  8. How the Fairies came to see Ogier the Dane


  1. The Lovers meet by plan of Alexandrine
  2. The Bearskin — Am not I a bold Beast?
  3. The Fury of the Werwolf
  4. How Thorwald was slain by Thiostolf
  5. Thiostolf decides to slay Glum
  6. Otkell and Gunnar in the Field
  7. Gunnar’s last Fight and Hallgerda’s Revenge
  8. How Kari escaped from Njal’s House
  9. The Lady of Solace helps the Fallen Knight
  10. The Red Cross Knight enters the Monster’s Cave
  11. Una saved by the Wood-Folk
  12. Arthur fights the Seven-Headed Serpent
  13. In the Cave of Despair
  14. Rodrigo brings home the head of Gomez
  15. Don Diego and Don Fernan show that they are cowards
  16. Don Quixada declared that he would give his Housekeeper and his Niece into the bargain for the pleasure of bestowing one kick on Ganelon the traitor
  17. Don Quixote determines to attack the Windmills
  18. How the Galley Slaves repaid Don Quixote
  19. The Meeting of Huon and Oberon
  20. Round the Bag which held the Boy a brilliant Light was shining
  21. Zephyr carries Psyche down from the Mountain
  22. Little Bevis avenges his Father
  23. Strong Sir Bevis keeps the Two Dragons at Bay
  24. Bradamante defeats the Wizard with the Ring
  25. Roger borne away from Bradamante
  26. The Two Damsels rescue Roger from the Rabble
  27. The Giant’s Daughter reproaches the Two Brothers
  28. The Knight of the Sun fights the Serpent


  1. The Emperor carries William away
  2. The Werwolf’s Visit to the Cave
  3. Hauskuld’s Pride in Hallgerda
  4. How Gunnar slew Thorgeir, Otkell’s Son
  5. Sudden Departure of Una’s Parents
  6. In Archimago’s Cell: the Evil Dream
  7. The Two Cups
  8. Sir Amyle arrives in time to save the Ladies
  9. Don Quixote belabours the Muleteer
  10. Don Quixote’s Battle with the Wine-skins
  11. Huon defeats the Giant Agrapart
  12. Havelok presents Goldborough to the English People
  13. Aphrodite brings Cupid to Psyche
  14. Joyfully the Eagle bore back the Urn
  15. Ogier the Dane meets Morgane le Fay at last
  16. Apuleius changes into an Ass

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