The Making of Religion, by Andrew Lang

Table of Contents

Preface to the New Edition

Preface to the First Edition

  1. Introductory Chapter
  2. Science and ‘Miracles’
  3. Anthropology and Religion
  4. ‘Opening the Gates of Distance’
  5. Crystal Visions, Savage and Civilised
  6. Anthropology and Hallucinations
  7. Demoniacal Possession
  8. Fetishism and Spiritualism
  9. Evolution of the Idea of God
  10. High Gods of Low Races
  11. Supreme Gods Not Necessarily Developed Out of ‘Spirits’
  12. Savage Supreme Beings
  13. More Savage Supreme Beings
  14. Ahone. Ti-Ra-WÁ. NÀ-Pi. Pachacamac. Tui Laga. Taa-Roa
  15. The Old Degeneration Theory
  16. Theories of Jehovah
  17. Conclusion


  1. Oppositions of Science
  2. The Poltergeist and His Explainers.
  3. Crystal-Gazing
  4. Chiefs in Australia

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