The Olive Fairy Book, by Andrew Lang

Table of Contents

  1. Madschun
  2. The Blue Parrot
  3. Geirlaug the King’s Daughter
  4. The Story of Little King Loc
  5. A Long-Bow Story
  6. Jackal or Tiger?
  7. The Comb and the Collar
  8. The Thanksgiving of the Wazir
  9. Samba the Coward
  10. Kupti and Imani
  11. The Strange Adventures of Little Maia
  12. Diamond Cut Diamond
  13. The Green Knight
  14. The Five Wise Words of the Guru
  15. The Golden-Headed Fish
  16. Dorani
  17. The Satin Surgeon
  18. The Billy Goat and the King
  19. The Story of Zoulvisia
  20. Grasp All, Lose All
  21. The Fate of the Turtle
  22. The Snake Prince
  23. The Prince and Princess in the Forest
  24. The Clever Weaver
  25. The Boy who Found Fear at Last
  26. He Wins who Waits
  27. The Steel Cane
  28. The Punishment of the Fairy Gangana
  29. The Silent Princess

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