Homer and His Age, by Andrew Lang

Table of Contents

  1. The Homeric Age
  2. Hypotheses as to the Growth of the Epics
  3. Hypotheses of Epic Composition
  4. Loose Feudalism: The Over-Lord in “Iliad,” Books I. and II.
  5. Agamemnon in the Later “Iliad”
  6. Archaeology of the “Iliad”. Burial and Cremation
  7. Homeric Armour
  8. The Breastplate
  9. Bronze and Iron
  10. The Homeric House
  11. Notes of Change in the “Odyssey”
  12. Linguistic Proofs of Various Dates
  13. The “Doloneia”
  14. The Interpolations of Nestor
  15. The Comparative Study of Early Epics
  16. Homer and the French Mediaeval Epics
  17. Conclusion

List of Illustrations

Algonquins Under Shield

The Vase of Aristonothos

Dagger with Lion-Hunters

Rings: Swords and Shields

Fragments of Warrior Vase

Fragment of Siege Vase

Algonquin Corslet

Gold Corslet


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