Imaginary Conversations and Poems, by Walter Savage Landor

Table of Contents

Imaginary Conversations

  1. Marcellus and Hannibal
  2. Queen Elizabeth and Cecil
  3. Epictetus and Seneca
  4. Peter the Great and Alexis
  5. Henry viii and Anne Boleyn
  6. Joseph Scaliger and Montaigne
  7. Boccaccio and Petrarca
  8. Bossuet and the Duchess De Fontanges
  9. John of Gaunt and Joanna of Kent
  10. Leofric and Godiva
  11. Essex and Spenser
  12. Lord Bacon and Richard Hooker
  13. Oliver Cromwell and Walter Noble
  14. Lord Brooke and Sir Philip Sidney
  15. Southey and Porson
  16. The Abbé Delille and Walter Landor
  17. Diogenes and Plato
  18. Alfieri and Salomon the Florentine Jew
  19. Rousseau and Malesherbes
  20. Lucullus and Caesar
  21. Epicurus, Leontion, and Ternissa
  22. Dante and Beatrice
  23. Fra Filippo Lippi and Pope Eugenius the Fourth
  24. Tasso and Cornelia
  25. La Fontaine and De La Rochefoucault
  26. Lucian and Timotheus
  27. Bishop Shipley and Benjamin Franklin
  28. Southey and Landor
  29. The Emperor of China and Tsing-Ti
  30. Louis xviii and Talleyrand
  31. Oliver Cromwell and Sir Oliver Cromwell
  32. The Count Gleichem: The Countess: Their Children, and Zaida.

The Pentameron Or, Interviews of Messer Giovanni Boccaccio And Messer Francesco Petrarca When Said Messer Giovanni Lay Infirm at His Villetta Hard by Certaldo; After which They Saw Not Each Other on Our Side Of Paradise.

  1. First Day’s Interview
  2. Third Day’s Interview
  3. Fourth Day’s Interview
  4. Fifth Day’s Interview


  1. She I love (alas in vain!)
  2. Pleasure! why thus desert the heart
  3. Past ruin’d Ilion Helen lives
  4. Ianthe! you are call’d to cross the sea!
  5. The gates of fame and of the grave
  6. Twenty years hence my eyes may grow
  7. Here, ever since you went abroad
  8. Tell me not things past all belief
  9. Proud word you never spoke, but you will speak
  10. Fiesole Idyl
  11. Ah what avails the sceptred race
  12. With rosy hand a little girl prest down
  13. Ternissa! you are fled!
  14. Various the roads of life; in one
  15. Yes; I write verses now and then
  16. On Seeing a Hair of Lucretia Borgia
  17. Once, and once only, have I seen thy face
  18. To Wordsworth
  19. To Charles Dickens
  20. To Barry Cornwall
  21. To Robert Browning
  22. Age
  23. Leaf after leaf drops off, flower after flower
  24. Well I remember how you smiled
  25. I strove with none, for none was worth my strife
  26. Death stands above me, whispering low
  27. A Pastoral
  28. The Lover
  29. The Poet who Sleeps
  30. Daniel Defoe
  31. Idle Words
  32. To the River Avon

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