Tales and novels of Jean de La Fontaine

The Countryman who Sought His Calf

A COUNTRYMAN, one day, his calf had lost,

And, seeking it, a neighbouring forest crossed;

The tallest tree that in the district grew,

He climbed to get a more extensive view.

Just then a lady with her lover came;

The place was pleasing, both to spark and dame;

Their mutual wishes, looks and eyes expressed,

And on the grass the lady was caressed.

At sights of charms, enchanting to the eyes,

The gay gallant exclaimed, with fond surprise:—

Ye gods, what striking beauties now I see!

No objects named; but spoke with anxious glee.

The clod, who, on the tree had mounted high,

And heard at ease the conversation nigh,

Now cried:— Good man! who see with such delight;

Pray tell me if my calf be in your sight?


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