Tales and novels of Jean de La Fontaine

The Kiss Returned

AS WILLIAM walking with his wife was seen,

A man of rank admired her lovely mien.

Who gave you such a charming fair? he cried,

May I presume to kiss your beauteous bride?

With all my heart, replied the humble swain,

You’re welcome, sir:— I beg you’ll not refrain;

She’s at your service: take the boon, I pray;

You’ll not such offers meet with ev’ry day.

THE gentleman proceeded as desired;

To get a kiss, alone he had aspired;

So fervently howe’er he pressed her lip,

That Petronella blushed at ev’ry sip.

SEVEN days had scarcely run, when to his arms,

The other took a wife with seraph charms;

And William was allowed to have a kiss,

That filled his soul with soft ecstatick bliss.

Cried he, I wish, (and truly I am grieved)

That when the gentleman a kiss received,

From her I love, he’d gone to greater height,

And with my Petronella passed the night.


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