Tales and novels of Jean de La Fontaine

Alice Sick

SICK, Alice grown, and fearing dire event,

Some friend advised a servant should be sent

Her confessor to bring and ease her mind; —

Yes, she replied, to see him I’m inclined;

Let father Andrew instantly be sought:—

By him salvation usually I’m taught.

A MESSENGER was told, without delay,

To take, with rapid steps, the convent way;

He rang the bell — a monk enquired his name,

And asked for what, or whom, the fellow came.

I father Andrew want, the wight replied,

Who’s oft to Alice confessor and guide:

With Andrew, cried the other, would you speak?

If that’s the case, he’s far enough to seek;

Poor man! he’s left us for the regions blessed,

And has in Paradise ten years confessed.


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