The Smith Administration, by Rudyard Kipling

Table of Contents

  1. The Cow-house Jirga
  2. A Bazar Dhulip
  3. The Hands of Justice
  4. The Serai Cabal
  5. The Story of a King
  6. The Great Census
  7. The Killing of Hatim Tai
  8. A Self-Made Man
  9. The Vengeance of Lal Beg
  10. Hunting a Miracle
  11. The Explanation of Mir Baksh
  12. A Letter from Golam Singh
  13. The Writing of Yakub Khan
  14. A King’s Ashes
  15. The Bride’s Progress
  16. ‘A District at Play’
  17. What It Comes To
  18. The Opinions of Gunner Barnabas

The following are newspaper articles written between 1887 and 1888 for my paper. — R. K.

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