Puck of Pook's Hill, by Rudyard Kipling

A Three-Part Song

I’m just in love with all these three,

The Weald and the Marsh and the Down countrie;

Nor I don’t know which I love the most,

The Weald or the Marsh or the white chalk coast!

I’ve buried my heart in a ferny hill,

Twix’ a liddle low Shaw an’ a great high Gill.

Oh hop-vine yaller and woodsmoke blue,

I reckon you’ll keep her middling true!

I’ve loosed my mind for to out and run,

On a Marsh that was old when Kings begun;

Oh Romney Level and Brenzett reeds,

I reckon you know what my mind needs!

I’ve given my soul to the Southdown grass,

And sheep-bells tinkled where you pass.

Oh Firle an’ Ditchling an’ sails at sea,

I reckon you’ll keep my soul or me!


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