The Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling

Table of Contents

  1. Mowgli’s Brothers
  2. Hunting-Song of the Seeonee Pack
  3. Kaa’s Hunting
  4. Road-Song of the Bandar-Log
  5. “Tiger! Tiger!”
  6. Mowgli’s Song
  7. The White Seal
  8. Lukannon
  9. “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi”
  10. Darzee’s Chant
  11. Toomai of the Elephants
  12. Shiv and the Grasshopper
  13. Her Majesty’s Servants
  14. Parade Song of the Camp Animals

List of Illustrations

  1. “Good Luck Go With You, O Chief of the Wolves.”
  2. “The Tiger’s Roar Filled the Cave With Thunder.”
  3. The Meeting at Council Rock.
  4. “Bagheera would lie out on a branch and call, ‘Come along, Little Brother.’”
  5. “‘Wake, Little Brother; I Bring News.’”
  6. ‘Are All These Tales Such Cobwebs and Moontalk?’ Said Mowgli.
  7. Buldeo Lay Still, Expecting Every Minute to See Mowgli Turn Into a Tiger, Too.
  8. “When the Moon Rose Over the Plain the Villagers Saw Mowgli Trotting Across, With Two Wolves At His Heels.”
  9. “They Clambered Up On The Council Rock Together, and Mowgli Spread the Skin Out On the Flat Stone.”
  10. “Ten Fathoms Deep”
  11. “They were all awake and staring in every direction but the right one.”
  12. “He Had Found Sea Cow At Last.”
  13. “Rikki Looked Down Between the Boy’s Collar and Neck.”
  14. “He Put His Nose Into the Ink.”
  15. “Rikki Tikki Was Awake On The Pillow.”
  16. “He Came To Breakfast Riding on Teddy’s Shoulder.”
  17. “We are very miserable, said Darzee.”
  18. “‘I Am Nag,’ Said the Cobra: ‘Look and Be Afraid!’ But At the Bottom of His Cold Heart He Was Afraid.”
  19. “He Jumped Up in the Air, And Just Under Him Whizzed By the Head of Nagaina.”
  20. “In the Dark He Ran Up Against Chuchundra, the Muskrat.”
  21. “Then Rikki-Tikki Was Battered To and Fro as a Rat is Shaken by a Dog.”
  22. “Darzee’s Wife Pretends to Have a Broken Wing.”
  23. “Nagaina Flew Down the Path, With Rikki-Tikki Behind Her.”
  24. “It Is All Over.”
  25. “Kala Nag Was the Best-Loved Elephant in the Service.
  26. “‘He is afraid of me,’ said little Toomai, and he made Kala Nag lift up his feet one after the other.”
  27. “He would get his torch and wave it and yell with the best.”
  28. “‘Not green corn, protector of the poor, — melons,’ said little Toomai.”
  29. Little Toomai Laid Himself Down Close to the Great neck, Lest a Swinging Bough Should Sweep Him to the Ground.”
  30. “Little Toomai Looked Down Upon Scores and Scores of Broad Backs.”
  31. “To Toomai of the Elephants, ‘Barrao’!”
  32. “A Camel had Blundered Into My Tent.”
  33. “‘Anybody Can Be Forgiven For Being Scared in the Night,’ Said the Troop-Horse.”
  34. “‘The Man Was Lying on the Ground, and I Stretched Myself Not to Tread on Him, and He Slashed Up At Me.’”
  35. “Then I Heard an Old, Grizzled, Long-Haired, Central Asian Chief Asking Questions of a Native Officer.”

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