Debits and Credits, by Rudyard Kipling

The Burden

ONE grief on me is laid
 Each day of every year.
Wherein no soul can aid.
 Whereof no soul can hear:
Whereto no end is seen
 Except to grieve again —
Ah, Mary Magdalene.
 Where is there greater pain?
To dream on dear disgrace
 Each hour of every day —
To bring no honest face
 To aught I do or say:
To lie from morn till e’en —
 To know my lies are vain —
Ah, Mary Magdalene.
 Where can be greater pain?
To watch my steadfast fear
 Attend my every way
Each day of every year —
 Each hour of every day
To burn, and chill between —
 To quake and rage again —
Ah, Mary Magdalene.
 Where shall be greater pain?
One grave to me was given —
 To guard till Judgment Day —
But God looked down from Heaven
 And rolled the Stone away!
One day of all my years —
 One hour of that one day —
His Angel saw my tears
 And rolled the Stone away!

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