Travels in West Africa, by Mary H. Kingsley

Table of Contents


Preface to the Abridged Edition of Travels in West Africa.



  1. Liverpool to Sierra Leone and the Gold Coast.
  2. Fernando Po and the Bubis.
  3. Voyage Down Coast.
  4. The Ogowe.
  5. The Rapids of the Ogowe.
  6. Lembarene.
  7. On the Way from Kangwe to Lake Ncovi.
  8. From Ncovi to Esoon.
  9. From Esoon to Agonjo.
  10. Bush Trade and Fan Customs.
  11. Down the Rembwe.
  12. Fetish.
  13. Fetish — (continued).
  14. Fetish — (continued).
  15. Fetish — (continued).
  16. Fetish — (concluded).
  17. Ascent of the Great Peak of Cameroons.
  18. Ascent of the Great Peak of Cameroons — (continued).
  19. The Great Peak of Cameroons — (continued).
  20. The Great Peak of Cameroons — (continued).
  21. Trade and Labour in West Africa.
  22. Disease in West Africa.

Appendix. The Invention of the Cloth Loom.

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