Ravenshoe, by Henry Kingsley

Table of Contents

  1. An Account of the Family of Ravenshoe
  2. Supplementary to the Foregoing.
  3. In which Our Hero’s Troubles Begin.
  4. Father Mackworth.
  5. Ranford
  6. The Warren Hastings.
  7. In which Charles and Lord Welter Distinguish Themselves at the University.
  8. John Marston
  9. Adelaide.
  10. Lady Ascot’s Little Nap.
  11. Gives us an insight into Charles’s domestic relations, and shows how the Great Conspirator soliloquized to the Grand Chandelier.
  12. Containing a Song by Charles Ravenshoe, and Also Father Tiernay’s Opinion About the Family.
  13. The Black Hare.
  14. Lord Saltire’s Visit, and Some of His Opinions.
  15. Charles’s “Liddell and Scott.”
  16. Marston’s Arrival.
  17. In which There is Another Shipwreck.
  18. Marston’s Disappointment.
  19. Ellen’s Flight.
  20. Ranford Again.
  21. Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos.
  22. The Last Glimpse of Oxford.
  23. The Last Glimpse of the Old World.
  24. The First Glimpse of the New World.
  25. Father Mackworth Brings Lord Saltire to Bay, and what came of it.
  26. The Grand Crash.
  27. The Coup De Grace.
  28. Flight.
  29. Charles’s Retreat Upon London.
  30. Mr. Sloane.
  31. Lieutenant Hornby.
  32. Some of the Humours of a London Mews.
  33. A Glimpse of Some Old Friends.
  34. In which Fresh Mischief is Brewed.
  35. In which an Entirely New, And, as Will Be Seen Hereafter, a Most Important Character is Introduced.
  36. The Derby.
  37. Lord Welter’s Menage.
  38. The House Full of Ghosts.
  39. Charles’s Explanation with Lord Welter.
  40. A Dinner Party Among Some Old Friends.
  41. Charles’s Second Expedition to St. John’s Wood.
  42. Ravenshoe Hall, During All this.
  43. A Meeting.
  44. Another Meeting.
  45. Half a Million.
  46. To Lunch with Lord Ascot.
  47. Lady Hainault’s Blotting-book.
  48. In which Cuthbert Begins to See Things in a New Light.
  49. The Second Column of “The Times” of this Date, with Other Matters.
  50. Shreds and Patches.
  51. In which Charles Comes to Life Again.
  52. What Lord Saltire and Father Mackworth said when they looked out of the window.
  53. Captain Archer Turns up.
  54. Charles Meets Hornby at Last.
  55. Archer’s Proposal.
  56. Scutari.
  57. What Charles Did with His Last Eighteen Shillings.
  58. The North Side of Grosvenor Square.
  59. Lord Ascot’s Crowning Act of Folly.
  60. The Bridge at Last.
  61. Saved.
  62. Mr. Jackson’s Big Trout.
  63. In which Gus Cuts Flora’s Doll’s Corns.
  64. The Allied Armies Advance on Ravenshoe.
  65. Father Mackworth Puts the Finishing Touch on His Great Piece of Embroidery.
  66. Gus and Flora are Naughty in Church, and the Whole Business Comes to an End.


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