The Water Babies, by Charles Kingsley


by Jessie Wilcox Smith
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  1. “No. She cannot be dirty. She never could have been dirty.”
  2. “He felt how comfortable it was to have nothing on him but himself.”
  3. “Oh, don’t hurt me! cried Tom. I only want to look at you; you are so handsome.”
  4. “He looked up at the broad yellow moon and thought that she looked at him.”
  5. “Tom sat upon the buoy long days, long weeks, looking out to sea.”
  6. “He felt the net very heavy; and lifted it out quickly, with Tom all entangled in the meshes.”
  7. “Tom reached and clawed down the hole after him . . . the clumsy lobster pulled him in head-foremost.”
  8. “They hugged and kissed each other for ever so long, they did not know why.”
  9. “Mrs. Bedonebyasyoudid. ‘Little boys who are only fit to play with sea-beasts cannot go there,’ she said.”
  10. “And there he saw the last of the Gairfowl, standing up on the Allalonestone, all alone.”
  11. “It took the form of the grandest old lady he had ever seen.”
  12. “You are our dear Mrs. Doasyouwouldbedoneby.”

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