Hereward, the Last of the English (Hereward the Wake), by Charles Kingsley

Table of Contents

  1. How Hereward was Outlawed, and Went North to Seek His Fortunes.
  2. How Hereward Slew the Bear.
  3. How Hereward Succored a Princess of Cornwall.
  4. How Hereward Took Service with Ranald, King of Waterford.
  5. How Hereward Succored the Princess of Cornwall a Second Time.
  6. How Hereward was Wrecked Upon the Flanders Shore.
  7. How Hereward Went to the War at Guisnes.
  8. How a Fair Lady Exercised the Mechanical Art to Win Hereward’s Love.
  9. How Hereward Went to the War in Scaldmariland.
  10. How Hereward Won the Magic Armor.
  11. How the Hollanders Took Hereward for a Magician.
  12. How Hereward Turned Berserk.
  13. How Hereward Won Mare Swallow.
  14. How Hereward Rode into Bruges Like a Beggarman.
  15. How Earl Tosti Godwinsson Came to St. Omer.
  16. How Hereward was Asked to Slay an Old Comrade.
  17. How Hereward Took the News from Stanford Brigg and Hastings.
  18. How Earl Godwin’s Widow Came to St. Omer.
  19. How Hereward Cleared Bourne of Frenchmen.
  20. How Hereward was Made a Knight After the Fashion of the English.
  21. How Ivo Taillebois Marched Out of Spalding Town.
  22. How Hereward Sailed Foe England Once and for All.
  23. How Hereward Gathered an Army.
  24. How Archbishop Aldred Died of Sorrow.
  25. How Hereward Found a Wiser Man in England than Himself.
  26. How Hereward Fulfilled His Words to the Prior of the Golden Borough.
  27. How They Held a Great Meeting in the Hall of Ely
  28. How They Fought at Aldreth.
  29. How Sir Dade Brought News from Ely.
  30. How Hereward Played the Potter; And How he Cheated the King.
  31. How They Fought Again at Aldreth.
  32. How King William Took Counsel of a Churchman.
  33. How the Monks of Ely Did After Their Kind.
  34. How Hereward Went to the Greenwood.
  35. How Abbot Thorold was Put to Ransom.
  36. How Alftruda Wrote to Hereward.
  37. How Hereward Lost Sword Brain-biter.
  38. How Hereward Came in to the King.
  39. How Torfrida Confessed that she had Been Inspired by the Devil.
  40. How Hereward Began to Get His Soul’s Price.
  41. How Earl Waltheof was Made a Saint.
  42. How Hereward Got the Best of His Soul’s Price.
  43. How Deeping Fen was Drained.

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