General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money, by Keynes

Appendix 1

Printing Errors in the First Edition Corrected in the Present Edition

Page Line Correction
[Chapter 6] 6 For ‘possession’ read ‘possessions’
[Chapter 7] 12 For ‘has’ read ‘had’
[Chapter 10] 13 For ‘23’ read ‘19’
[Chapter 10] footnote I, line 2 For ‘th’ read ‘the’
[Chapter 13] 21 For ‘security’ read ‘precautionary’
[Chapter 16] 9 For ‘than’ read ‘that’
[Chapter 17] 32 For ‘output’ read ‘the stock of assets in general’
[Chapter 17] 25 For ‘their’ read ‘its’
[Chapter 17] 31 For ‘or’ read ‘of’
[Chapter 19] 28 For ‘three’ read ‘four’
[Chapter 19] 4 For ‘technique’ read ‘techniques’
[Chapter 22] 23 For ‘income’ read ‘incomes’
[Chapter 23] 7 For ‘Mercantilist’ read ‘Mercantilists’

These corrections come to light in preparing various foreign editions of The General Theory, in preparing the variorum version of earlier drafts which appears in volume XIV, or in setting this book for press. The corrections do not cover more substantial errors such as the unsatisfactory presentation of aggregate supply and demand on Chapter 3 or the inadequate derivation of the equations on Chapter 21.

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