Poems, 1817, by John Keats

Table of Contents

Dedication. To Leigh Hunt, Esq.


  1. I stood tip-toe upon a little hill
  2. Specimen of an Induction to a Poem.
  3. Calidore. A Fragment.
  4. To Some Ladies.
  5. On receiving a curious Shell, and a Copy of Verses, from the same Ladies.
  6. To * * * *
  7. To Hope.
  8. Imitation of Spenser.
  9. Woman! when I behold thee flippant, vain


  1. To George Felton Mathew.
  2. To My Brother George.
  3. To Charles Cowden Clarke.


  1. To My Brother George.
  2. To * * * * * *
  3. Written on the day that Mr. Leigh Hunt left Prison.
  4. How many bards gild the lapses of time!
  5. To a Friend who sent me some Roses.
  6. To G. A. W.
  7. O Solitude! if I must with thee dwell
  8. To My Brothers.
  9. Keen, fitful gusts are whisp’ring here and there
  10. To one who has been long in city pent
  11. On first looking into Chapman’s Homer.
  12. On leaving some Friends at an early Hour.
  13. Addressed to Haydon.
  14. Addressed to the Same.
  15. On the Grasshopper and Cricket.
  16. To Kosciusko.
  17. Happy is England! I could be content

Sleep and Poetry


To Leigh Hunt, Esq.

Glory and loveliness have passed away;

For if we wander out in early morn,

No wreathed incense do we see upborne

Into the east, to meet the smiling day:

No crowd of nymphs soft voic’d and young, and gay,

In woven baskets bringing ears of corn,

Roses, and pinks, and violets, to adorn

The shrine of Flora in her early May.

But there are left delights as high as these,

And I shall ever bless my destiny,

That in a time, when under pleasant trees

Pan is no longer sought, I feel a free

A leafy luxury, seeing I could please

With these poor offerings, a man like thee.


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