Letters of John Keats to His Family and Friends, by John Keats

103. — To James Elmes.

Sir — I did not see your Note till this Saturday evening, or I should have answered it sooner — However as it happens I have but just received the Book which contains the only copy of the verses in question.102 I have asked for it repeatedly ever since I promised Mr. Haydon and could not help the delay; which I regret. The verses can be struck out in no time, and will I hope be quite in time. If you think it at all necessary a proof may be forwarded; but as I shall transcribe it fairly perhaps there may be no need.

I am, Sir, your obedt Servt

John Keats.

102 In all probability the Ode to a Nightingale, published in the July number of the Annals of the Fine Arts, of which James Elmes was editor.


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