The Point of View, by Henry James

Table of Contents

  1. From Miss Aurora Church at Sea to Miss Whiteside in Paris
  2. Mrs. Church in New York to Madame Galopin at Geneva
  3. From Miss Sturdy at Newport to Mrs. Draper at Ouchy
  4. From the Right Hon. Edward Antrobus, M.P., in Boston to the Honourable Mrs. Antrobus
  5. From Louis Leverett in Boston to Harvard Tremont in Paris
  6. From M. Gustave Lejaune of the French Academy in Washington to M. Adolphe Bouche in Paris
  7. From Marcellus Cockerel in Washington to Mrs. Cooler, née Cockerel, at Oakland, California
  8. From Miss Aurora Church in New York to Miss Whiteside in Paris

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