The Ingoldsby Legends, by Thomas Ingoldsby

Table of Contents

First Series

  1. The Spectre of Tappington
  2. The Hand of Glory: The Nurse’s Story
  3. ‘Look at the Clock!’: Patty Morgan the Milkmaid’s Story
  4. Grey Dolphin:A Legend of Sheppey
  5. The Ghost.
  6. The Cynotaph
  7. The Leech of Folkestone: Mrs. Botherby’s Story
  8. The Legend of Hamilton Tighe.
  9. The Witches’ Frolic.
  10. A Singular Passage in the Life of the Late Henry Harris, Doctor In Divinity.
  11. The Jackdaw of Rheims
  12. A Lay of St. Dunstan.
  13. A Lay of St. Gengulphus.
  14. The Lay of St. Odille.
  15. A Lay of St. Nicholas.
  16. The Lady Rohesia.
  17. The Tragedy.
  18. Mr. Barney Maguire’s Account of the Coronation.
  19. The ‘Monstre’ Balloon.
  20. The Execution: A Sporting Anecdote Hon. Mr. Sucklethumbkin’s Story
  21. Some Account of a New Play
  22. The Bagman’s Dog: Mr. Peters’s Story.

Second Series

  1. The Black Mousquetaire: A Legend of France.
  2. Sir Rupert the Fearless: A Legend of Germany.
  3. Lay of the Naiads.
  4. The Merchant of Venice: A Legend of Italy
  5. The Auto-Da-Fé: A Legend of Spain.
  6. The Ingoldsby Penance: A Legend of Palestine — And West Kent
  7. Netley Abbey.
  8. Fragment.
  9. Nell Cook: A Legend of the ‘Dark Entry’ — The King’s Scholar’s Story
  10. Nursery Reminiscences.
  11. Aunt Fanny: A Legend of a Shirt.
  12. Misadventures at Margate: A Legend of Jarvis’s Jetty.
  13. The Smuggler’s Leap: A Legend of Thanet.
  14. Bloudie Jacke of Shrewsberrie.
  15. The Shropshire Bluebeard.
  16. The Babes in the Wood; Or, the Norfolk Tragedy.
  17. The Dead Drummer: A Legend of Salisbury Plain.
  18. A Row in an Omnibus (Box): A Legend of the Haymarket.
  19. The Lay of St. Cuthbert; or the Devil’s Dinner-Party:
  20. The Lay of St Aloys: A Legend of Blois.
  21. The Lay of the Old Woman Clothed in Grey: A Legend of Dover.
  22. Raising the Devil: A Legend of Cornelius Agrippa.
  23. Saint Medard: A Legend of Afric.

Third Series

  1. The Lord of Thoulouse: A Legend of Languedoc.
  2. The Wedding-Day; Or, the Buccaneer’s Curse: A Family Legend.
  3. The Blasphemer’s Warning: A Lay of St. Romwold.
  4. The Brothers of Birchington: A Lay of St. Thomas À Becket.
  5. The Knight and the Lady: A Domestic Legend of the Reign of Queen Anne.
  6. The House-Warming!!: A Legend of Bleeding-Heart Yard.
  7. The Forlorn One.
  8. Jerry Jarvis’s Wig: A Legend of the Weald of Kent
  9. Unsophisticated Wishes.

Miscellaneous Poems

  1. Hermann; Or, the Broken Spear.
  2. Marie Mignot.
  3. The Truants.
  4. The Poplar.
  5. My Letters.
  6. New Made Honour.
  7. The Confession.
  8. Song.
  9. Epigram.
  10. Epigram.
  11. Song.
  12. As I Laye a-Thynkynge.

List of Colour Plates

  1. There's an old woman dwells upon Tappington Moor
  2. To Tappington mill-dam
  3. One kick! — it was but one! — but such a one
  4. If Orpheus first produced the waltz
  5. The little man had seated himself in the centre of the circle upon the large skull
  6. "Hey! up the chimney, lass! Hey after you!"
  7. If any one lied, — or if any one swore
  8. A flood of brown-stout he was up to his knees in
  9. And the maids cried "Good gracious, how very tenacious!"
  10. These stiles sadly bothered Odille
  11. What, indeed, could she do?
  12. Into the bottomless pit he fell slap
  13. The Duchess shed tears large as marrow-fat peas
  14. He bounced up and down
  15. Tumble out of their beds in affright
  16. Wandering about and "Boo-hoo"-ing
  17. Or making their court to their Polls and their Sues
  18. The horn . . . Was blown with a loud twenty-trumpeter power
  19. Witches and warlocks, ghosts, goblins and ghouls
  20. Made one grasshopper spring to the door — and was gone!
  21. But found nothing at all, save some carp — which they fried
  22. Sir Thomas, her Lord, was stout of limb
  23. A grand pas de deux Performed in the very first style by these two
  24. When a score of ewes had brought in a reasonable profit

Title page from the 1907 edition

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