The Ingoldsby Legends, by Thomas Ingoldsby

Miscellaneous Poems

The foregoing pages complete the Series of Poems, &c., published under the name of Thomas Ingoldsby; of these, ‘The Legend of Languedoc,’ ‘The Buccaneer’s Curse,’ ‘The House-warming,’ ‘The Lay of St. Romwold,’ and ‘The Brothers of Birchington,’ appeared in the ‘New Monthly Magazine,’ the remainder in ‘Bentley’s Miscellany.’

The following articles, which are added for reasons stated elsewhere, though prior in point of date, are by the same author, and, with few exceptions, of a similar character with his better known effusions. The first three are versions of dramas produced: ‘Hermann,’ at the English Opera House; ‘William Rufus,’ we believe, at Drury Lane; and ‘Marie Mignot,’ at the Haymarket Theatre. The concluding lines are those alluded to in the Memoir, as having been the last that fell from Mr. Barham’s pen, and which were written during one of those weary nights of watchfulness occasioned by his disease.

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