The Vikings of Helgeland, by Henrik Ibsen


Örnulf of the Fiords, an Icelandic Chieftain.

Sigurd the Strong, a Sea–King.

Gunnar Headman,1 a rich yeoman of Helgeland.

Dagny, Örnulf’s daughter.

Hiördis, his foster-daughter.

Kåre the Peasant, a Helgeland-man.

Egil, Gunnar’s son, four years old.

Örnulf’s six older sons.

Örnulf’s and Sigurd’s men.

Guests, house-carls, serving-maids, outlaws, etc.

The action takes place in the time of Erik Blood-axe (about A.D. 933) at, and in the neighbourhood of, Gunnar’s house on the island of Helgeland, in the north of Norway.

1 Failing to find a better equivalent for the Norwegian “Herse,” I have used the word “Headman” wherever it seemed necessary to give Gunnar a title or designation. He is generally spoken of as “Gunnar Herse” in the Norwegian text; but where it could be done without inconvenience, the designation has here been omitted.

Pronunciation of Names:

Helgeland = Helgheland;
Örnulf = Ornoolf;
Sigurd = Sigoord;
Gunnar = Goonar;
Thorolf = Toorolf;
Hiördis = Yordeess;
Kåre = Koarë;
Egil = Ayghil.

The letter ö as in German.

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