Science and Education, by Thomas Henry Huxley

Table of Contents


Joseph Priestley [1874]

On the Educational Value of the Natural History Sciences [1854]

Emancipation — Black and White [1865.]

A Liberal Education; and where to Find it [1868.]

Science and Culture [1880]

On Science and Art in Relation to Education [1882]

Universities: Actual and Ideal [1874]

Address on University Education [1876]

On the Study of Biology [1876]

On Elementary Instruction in Physiology [1877]

On Medical Education [1870]

The State and the Medical Profession [1884]

The Connection of the Biological Sciences with Medicine [1881]

The School Boards: What They Can Do, and what They May Do. [1870]

Technical Education [1877]

Address on Behalf of the National Association for the Promotion of Technical Education [1887.]

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