The Mystery of a Hansom Cab, by Fergus Hume

Table of Contents

  1. What the Argus said.
  2. The evidence at the inquest.
  3. One hundred pounds reward.
  4. Mr. Gorby makes a start.
  5. Mrs. Hableton unbosoms herself.
  6. Mr. Gorby makes further discoveries.
  7. The wool king.
  8. Brian takes a walk and a drive.
  9. Mr. Gorby is satisfied at last.
  10. In the Queen’s name.
  11. Counsel for the prisoner.
  12. She was a true woman.
  13. Madge makes a discovery.
  14. Another Richmond in the field.
  15. A woman of the people.
  16. Missing.
  17. The Trial.
  18. Sal Rawlins tells all she knows.
  19. The verdict of the jury.
  20. The “Argus” gives its opinion.
  21. Three months afterwards.
  22. A daughter of Eve.
  23. Across the walnuts and the wine.
  24. Brian receives a letter.
  25. What Dr. Chinston said.
  26. Kilsip has a theory of his own.
  27. Mother Guttersnipe joins the majority.
  28. Mark Frettlby has a visitor.
  29. Mr. Calton’s curiosity is satisfied.
  30. Nemesis.
  31. Hush-Money.
  32. De mortuis nil nisi bonum.
  33. The confession.
  34. The hands of Justice.
  35. “The love that lives.”

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