Madame Midas, by Fergus Hume

Table of Contents

Prologue Cast up by the Sea

Part I

  1. The Pactolus Claim
  2. Slivers
  3. Madame Midas at Home
  4. The Good Samaritan
  5. Mammon’s Treasure House
  6. Kitty
  7. Mr Villiers Pays a Visit
  8. Madame Midas Strikes ‘Ile’
  9. Love’s Young Dream
  10. Friends in Council
  11. Theodore Wopples, Actor
  12. Highway Robbery
  13. A Glimpse of Bohemia
  14. A Mysterious Disappearance
  15. Slivers in Search of Evidence
  16. Mcintosh Speaks His Mind
  17. The Best of Friends Must Part
  18. M. Vandeloup is Unjustly Suspected
  19. The Devil’s Lead

Part II

  1. Tempus Fugit
  2. Disenchantment
  3. M. Vandeloup Hears Something to His Advantage
  4. The Case of Adele Blondet
  5. The Key of the Street
  6. On Change
  7. The Opulence of Madame Midas
  8. M. Vandeloup is Surprised
  9. A Professional Philanthropist
  10. In the Fernery
  11. The Vision of Miss Kitty Marchurst
  12. A Startling Discovery
  13. Diamond Cut Diamond
  14. Circumstantial Evidence
  15. Kismet
  16. Be Sure Thy Sin Will Find Thee Out

Epilogue The Wages of Sin

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