Hume, by Huxley

Table of Contents

Part i. Hume’s Life.

  1. Early Life: Literary and Political Writings.
  2. Later Years: The History of England.

Part ii. Hume’s Philosophy.

  1. The Object and Scope of Philosophy.
  2. The Contents of the Mind.
  3. The Origin of the Impressions.
  4. The Classification and the Nomenclature of Mental Operations.
  5. The Mental Phenomena of Animals.
  6. Language — Propositions Concerning Necessary Truths.
  7. The Order of Nature: Miracles.
  8. Theism; Evolution of Theology.
  9. The Soul: The Doctrine of Immortality.
  10. Volition: Liberty and Necessity.
  11. The Principles of Morals.

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