The Natural History of Religion, by David Hume

Table of Contents


The Natural History of Religion

  1. That Polytheism was the primary Religion of Men.
  2. Origin of Polytheism.
  3. The same subject continued.
  4. Deities not considered as Creators or Formers of the World.
  5. Various Forms of Polytheism: Allegory, Hero-Worship.
  6. Origin of Theism from Polytheism.
  7. Confirmation of this Doctrine.
  8. Flux and Reflux of Polytheism and Theism.
  9. Comparison of these Religions with regard to Persecution and Toleration.
  10. With regard to Courage or Abasement.
  11. With regard to Reason or Absurdity.
  12. With regard to Doubt or Conviction.
  13. Impious conceptions of the divine nature in popular religions of both kinds.
  14. Bad influence of popular religions on morality.
  15. General Corollary.

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