The History of a Crime, by Victor Hugo

Table of Contents

The First Day — The Ambush.

  1. “Security”
  2. Paris Sleeps — The Bell Rings
  3. What had Happened During the Night
  4. Other Doings of the Night
  5. The Darkness of the Crime
  6. “Placards”
  7. No. 70, Rue Blanche
  8. “Violation of the Chamber”
  9. An End Worse than Death
  10. The Black Door
  11. The High Court of Justice
  12. The Mairie of the Tenth Arrondissement
  13. Louis Bonaparte’s Side-Face
  14. The D’orsay Barracks
  15. Mazas
  16. The Episode of the Boulevard St. Martin
  17. The Rebound of the 24th June, 1848, on the 2d December, 1851
  18. The Representatives Hunted Down
  19. One Foot in the Tomb
  20. The Burial of a Great Anniversary

The Second Day — The Struggle.

  1. They Come to Arrest Me
  2. From the Bastille to the Rue De Cotte
  3. The St. Antoine Barricade
  4. The Workmen’s Societies Ask Us for the Order to Fight
  5. Baudins’s Corpse
  6. The Decrees of the Representatives who Remained Free
  7. The Archbishop
  8. Mount Valerien
  9. The Lightning Begins to Flash Amongst the People
  10. What Fleury Went to Do at Mazas
  11. The End of the Second Day

The Third Day — The Massacre.

  1. Those who Sleep and he who Does Not Sleep
  2. The Proceedings of the Committee
  3. Inside the Elysee
  4. Bonaparte’s Familiar Spirits
  5. A Wavering Ally
  6. Denis Dussoubs
  7. Items and Interviews
  8. The Situation
  9. The Porte Saint Martin
  10. My Visit to the Barricade
  11. The Barricade of the Rue Meslay
  12. The Barricade of the Mairie of the Fifth Arrondissement
  13. The Barricade of the Rue Thevenot
  14. Ossian and Scipio
  15. The Question Presents Itself
  16. The Massacre
  17. The Appointment Made with the Workmen’s Societies
  18. The Verification of Moral Laws

The Fourth Day — The Victory.

  1. What Happened During the Night — The Rue Tiquetonne
  2. What Happened During the Night — The Market Quarter
  3. What Happened During the Night. — The Petit Carreau
  4. What was Done During the Night — The Passage Du Saumon
  5. Other Deeds of Darkness
  6. The Consultative Committee
  7. The Other List
  8. David D’angers
  9. Our Last Meeting
  10. Duty Can have Two Aspects
  11. The Combat Finished, the Ordeal Begins
  12. The Exiled
  13. The Military Commissions and the Mixed Commissions
  14. A Religious Incident
  15. How They Came Out of Ham
  16. A Retrospect
  17. Conduct of the Left
  18. Page Written at Brussels
  19. The Infallible Benediction

Conclusion — The Fall.

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