The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood, by Thomas Hood

The Lee Shore.

Sleet! and Hail! and Thunder!

And ye Winds that rave,

Till the sands thereunder

Tinge the sullen wave —

Winds, that like a Demon,

Howl with horrid note

Round the toiling Seaman,

In his tossing boat —

From his humble dwelling,

On the shingly shore,

Where the billows swelling,

Keep such hollow roar —

From that weeping Woman,

Seeking with her cries

Succor superhuman

From the frowning skies —

From the Urchin pining

For his Father’s knee —

From the lattice shining —

Drive him out to sea!

Let broad leagues dissever

Him from yonder foam —

Oh, God! to think Man ever

Comes too near his Home!

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