The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood, by Thomas Hood


On Receiving a Gift.

Look how the golden ocean shines above

Its pebbly stones, and magnifies their girth;

So does the bright and blessed light of Love

Its own things glorify, and raise their worth.

As weeds seem flowers beneath the flattering brine,

And stones like gems, and gems as gems indeed,

Ev’n so our tokens shine; nay, they outshine

Pebbles and pearls, and gems and coral weed;

For where be ocean waves but half so clear,

So calmly constant, and so kindly warm,

As Love’s most mild and glowing atmosphere,

That hath no dregs to be upturn’d by storm?

Thus, sweet, thy gracious gifts are gifts of price,

And more than gold to doting Avarice.

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