The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood, by Thomas Hood


By ev’ry sweet tradition of true hearts,

Graven by Time, in love with his own lore;

By all old martyrdoms and antique smarts,

Wherein Love died to be alive the more;

Yea, by the sad impression on the shore,

Left by the drown’d Leander, to endear

That coast for ever, where the billow’s roar

Moaneth for pity in the Poet’s ear;

By Hero’s faith, and the foreboding tear

That quench’d her brand’s last twinkle in its fall;

By Sappho’s leap, and the low rustling fear

That sigh’d around her flight; I swear by all,

The world shall find such pattern in my act,

As if Love’s great examples still were lack’d.

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